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Anonymous asked:
"Yo dude that was one hella rude anon you just got grilling you for how you run your blog. Don't listen to them. You don't have to pander to anyone. Do what you can and what you want, but never let someone pressure you into doing something that's supposed to be fun and turn it into a chore."

come here and let me cuddle you <3

Anonymous asked:
"You should make time to make gifs though, you're letting people down when you don't. You should be making new gifs whenever something Troye related comes out, shouldn't you?"

how am i letting people down? i’ve never said that i will make gifs as soon as new videos come out, i make them when i’m bored and feel like making them.  If you want new gifs more often go follow other Troye blogs, there are plenty of lovely people who do a better job than me <3